Let us recap to rejuvenate!

It occurs to me that I haven’t blogged for about 3 months. Have you noticed that when you haven’t done something for an extended period of time, it almost takes the equivalent amount of time to psyche yourself back into it. One of those vicious circles.

The main problem with blogging is that sometimes there just isn’t anything to say. People who know me are thinking ‘but you jest!’, however, since motherhood came along I have been consumed by sleep (or lack thereof), laundry (never lacking here) and milestones – none of which I am interested in writing about.

While my priorities have changed and the sands of my intrigue have shifted, I am determined to not become one of those parents whose sole diatribe is a discussion about every minute detail about their children. (Mum, sorry, you are not on this list.)  I am determined to remain highly opinionated with a reasonable amount of good humour and a good dollop of practicality. Oh and hopefully I’ll throw some photos in too!

So, to recap the blogs vision, View from a Bush Verandah was set up following a two day social media course hosted by Meat and Livestock Australia. The aim was to write about our life on the land, things that affect us, tid bits etc. It followed a horrendous year of farmers being attacked by animal welfare activists using the mechanisms of social media. Primary producers have rallied together since, not only learning to utilise this online technology, but discovering its true power, understanding its potential and realising its influence. I truly hope that the fear mongering and scare tactics being used by animal welfare activists (or should I refer to them as terrorists?) are mostly disregarded by the wider, educated community.

I believe that primary production is one of the many vital Australian industries that provides essential resources to the populations of the world. Those who till soil or work stock tend to be tough and have a sole focus, however the representative bodies set up and funded by these very people are continually striving to educate, research and implement new technologies and methods that help a best-practice product reach the consumer.

So, along with the rest of the social media crew – keep up the good fight! There is an amazing group of people out there in cyberspace whose wisdom, sense of humour and capabilities never cease to inspire me as they strive to promote, educate and champion farmers.

Every family needs a farmer!😉


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2 responses to “Let us recap to rejuvenate!

  1. Good to see you back on the blogging boards again and congratulations to you on becoming a mum!

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